Augmented Reality (AR) presents the interaction between the real world and virtual information. AR implementation is increasing in several sectors, educational institutions also utilizing the AR to increase the interest within learning among the students. Augmented reality is different from virtual reality as it provides a real world feeling to the users. The users can participate and experience the features and image of their own real world. In the rooms it can be used effectively to involve the students into the study curriculum, or to improve their knowledge. There are many AR apps available that can help the teachers to engage the students such as Jig space, narrator AR, Animal safari and more. In this respect, the Animal Safari is the one of the best AR applications that creates virtual reality within the student’s environment. Within the classroom, the students can experience the presence of virtual animals. The students can explore the animals everywhere in their own surroundings without going to the real forest safari. This app can help the students to explore and gain knowledge about the different animals and creatures. Apart from this Paint 3D is common app of Microsoft office which can be used by the students in the class to create 3D models. It will enhance the creativity level of students so that students can learn the things more practically and in an intelligent manner. Virtual Reality has also modified the education world as it provides realistic content to students through which students can view the real world through simulation. With this technology students can improve the learning style by using 2D/3D/4D modeling that enhances the view of the objects that will provide easiest way to understand the concepts of their subjects and helps in discovering new things. These applications will create animated objects in which students will take more interest.

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            It can be concluded that the modern classrooms need several technologies to make them feel real and engaged to the study curriculum. The digital technology has been improved with time; the teaching professionals have been utilizing the technology as per the demands. Augmented Reality is the new entrance in this field, especially after the Covid the school starts to understand the importance of the AR to provide a real feeling of the things that are not there. On this respect the app Animal Safari can provide the students the real feeling of animals in their own environment. 

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