Coding/Makerspace should only be taught by techies? Agree or disagree

 I agree with the view that Coding should be taught by techies because professionals can only efficiently teach the students about the coding as they are expert in this field. It can also be said that teaching coding is not a cup of tea for a non-techie person as it does not possess any understanding about the execution, identifying and removing errors from code so that that the code can run proficiently.

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Coding is a way through which we communicate with the computers so it should be taught by somebody who already knows and has contacted the computers. It is highly based on technical learning that consists of a computer language and implementing them on a compiler file to gain the desired product. It requires a correct syntax, just like English would make sense only if the grammar is correct. Coding can be done at any age, by any gender and at any level of skill. Nowadays, even middle school children have a high level of proficiency in Coding, they are highly skilled by the institutes to bring new designers to the future of the coding world. All this knowledge about the coding is possessed by techie professionals rather than non-techie persons. This very activity includes designing operating systems, laptop/phone applications, websites, games, etc. If the sequence of the syntax is not followed, it will give the designer an error and the program would not run. This is where the “techies” step in and guide the students how to avoid or eliminate an error. They act as doctors to the program that resurrect the Code by adding or subtracting some of its elements. Only they can identify the fault and work upon it because the techies themselves have been in that stage and they were directed by their teachers the same way they are directing students now. The developer may come to know the problem and rectify it but that will take a lot of time. If they choose to seek help from a co-worker or the person who has taught them, it becomes easier and efficient as it consumes less time and brings out the best results for the developer.

2 thoughts on “Coding/Makerspace should only be taught by techies? Agree or disagree

  1. Hi Lovepreet,
    I appreciate your post on coding, although it differs from my own. I had written that I believe coding is for everyone and should not be left to “techie” people. That being said, I agree with your concept that students and teachers can interact with code, but when things become difficult or code needs to be rewritten, we often turn to the “techie” people. That is certainly true, and I’ve written many IT “help” messages to prove your theory. I do love how programs like Hour of Code remove barriers or high stakes coding, allowing students and teachers to learn via low-stakes trial and error. Thank you for making me look at my stance from a different viewpoint.

  2. Hi Lovepreet,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on coding and makerspaces. I agree that techies should teach coding because they will be able to execute it more effectively and, in the event of a problem, their knowledge will be sufficient to identify the bug. However, given that jobs in the software industry currently pay the highest salaries in the world, how many schools could afford that? Also, for elementary school students, coding is taught at a beginner level, such as block coding on scratch, which teachers can easily learn and use to further their professional development.

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