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During covid-19, I started using digital tools to teach my students, initially I was only aware of the google meet, but later on, I started using google documents, google classroom, and sketchpad to teach them math’s. But, when I starts my master’s journey, I get to know about more digital applications and tools. At that time, I realized the importance of digital tools in our teaching- learning process. I believe, the ideal online learning experience starts with clear learning goals, dynamic activities, and supportive digital tools. Nowadays, digital tools are playing very important role in distance and online learning as it inspires some creative new approaches to teaching. I have categorized different tools under different categories. i find this article, very informative as it explains the importance digital tools that we can use in our classrooms.

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  • Synchronous and virtual learning tools-  

During covid-19 pandemic, Google meet, Microsoft teams and zoom gained much interest as many classrooms moved to a virtual environment. Therefore, Google meet, Microsoft teams and zoom are one of the main synchronous tools for online classes as these tools are available all around the world. These tools will let you connect with one person or a whole group at the same time. One of the most notable benefits of these tools are, it will help you to show your presentations, and will help you to collaborate with others easily.

  • Planning tools-

Google drive, wakelet and plan board are very good planning tools as it allows you to store materials and resources for teachers and students. As a teacher, you can plan your daily lessons and create content for your students with the help of these planning tools.

  • Presentation tools-

Google slides, PowerPoint and Canva are very essential and significant tools for presentations. These are easily accessible to everyone, and good for group presentation as you can easily track your group member’s work. I personally prefer to use Canva, as it provides you unlimited pre-created education templates which allow you to create individual and collaborative assignments for your students.

  •  Video and screen casting tools-

For video and screen casting, Flipgrid, screencast, and we video are most widely used tools. I prefer to use Flipgrid, as it is an incredible platform, where students can get learning content and then respond to prompts by creating short videos.

  •  Demonstration tools-

After planning and presentation, demonstration of the work material is very important, and for demonstration, Padlet, WordPress, and google jam board/sketchpad are most commonly used tools.

  • Engagement tools-

I believe, the most Curriculum coverage engagement learning tools are you tube, khan academy, and Mentimetre. I believe, for students these are the best engagement tools as it is easy to share information, and all the resources are free to use.

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“Digital technology has several features that can make it much easier for teachers to pay special attention to all their students”               –Bill Gates

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  1. Thank you for sharing your blog post lovepreet.After covid 19 importance of online learning is increasing as compared to past. Digital tools are now playing a very important role in remote learning and online education. since they encourage innovative new teaching methods. The use of zoom youtube khan academy, projectors, and other digital tools in the online classroom can make learning interesting and fun for the students. In this way, student learning can become more dynamic and engaging and they take more interest in their studies

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