EC&I 833- Introduction Post!

Hello everyone!!

I am Lovepreet Kaur, a full-time student of Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction at University of Regina. This is my 10th course towards my masters and 2nd course with Katia. If I talk about my native place, I am from Northern part of India, and last year I came to Regina for my master’s. I worked as a Mathematics teacher in my home country and now I am full time student.

Teaching can be challenging, but with the help of technology, it can be more interesting and interactive. I still remember the day, when my teachers used to teach me only with the help of textbooks, black board and chalk, because my school did not have the enough digital resources to teach the students due to the lack of resources funded by the government, and even though I got my own computer in my undergraduates, and laptop during my masters. Therefore, this is the reason that I was not aware much about digital tools, but during covid-19 and in my previous classes with Alec and Katia, I have learned a lot about the importance of digital tools and educational technology, their positive and negative impacts on learning, and I get to know that technology is really playing an important role in our learning. Moreover, a lot of devices are there for teaching and learning such as eBooks, electronic gadgets and white boards.


Advent of innovative technology and internet has improved the learning style of students. Earlier traditional methods are used by the teachers within the class to educate the children but now transformations can be seen in the classes, teachers are using advance teaching techniques through technology while delivering the lectures. Even though, phones and tablets have become a very popular tool for students inside and outside of the classroom due to the wide adoption of these devices. Moreover, I am also using various sites to do my assignments such as Flipgrid, Canva and zoom for attending my classes.


I’d want to conclude by saying that modern technology is an indestructible aspect of the twenty-first century as it makes life easier for teachers and students so they can put up less effort and learn more.

Looking forward to learning from you all!!

Thank you

Lovepreet Kaur

3 thoughts on “EC&I 833- Introduction Post!

  1. Thank you for sharing this introduction Lovepreet. It is very interesting to hear about your move to Regina and compare and contrast the differences between your own experiences (both as a student and teacher) to what you are now seeing in your classroom.

    PS: Your choice of GIFs were perfect!

  2. Hi Lovepreet!

    Thank you so much for sharing your educational experiences and your tech journey with us! Wow, your last class!!! How exciting!

    I look forward to learning alongside you this semester!

  3. Thank you so much lovepreet for sharing your thoughts. Technology makes teaching and learning styles more interesting. After Covid 19 the imortance of Technology increased and now its very diffucult to teach students without teachnological gadgets.

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