Summary of learning!!

“Learning without reflection is a waste, and reflection without learning is dangerous” – Confucius

It’s hard to realize that we’re almost done with this course. This was my first class with “Katia” and I’ve already learnt a lot from her and my classmates. This course was very different from other Edtech courses, and from this class, I found the debate format very engaging, especially when I got an opportunity to participate. From our debate discussions, I have learned a lot, and have been able to apply in our day-to-day life!

Throughout this course, i have gained so much knowledge about the issues and problems of educational technology that students as well as teachers are facing. Moreover, in the past few weeks, I have learned much about the issues and benefits of using technology in the classroom, role of social media in enhancing our teaching-learning process, and view and understanding of technology in the classroom which has changed my viewpoint and will continue to change in the future!

Furthermore, again in this course, I collaborated with Amanpreet for the Summary of Learning, and it was a wonderful experience for me to work with her.

Thank you very much everyone!

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Thank you

Lovepreet kaur

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