Debate#8- Online education is detrimental to the social and academic development of children.

It was a very interesting debate by Britney, Kayla and Colton (On agree side) and Arkin, Katherine and Chris (On disagree side). Indubitably, by the advent of internet, e-learning is more popular among many countries. However, this trend put some awful impacts on the academic development of children, and I believe, Online learning is the key to success in this era of ever-changing technology and increased competition.


Commencing With the negative effects of online education on learners. Children easily make new friends and learn co-operation, understanding and leadership skills which is not possible via online study. Additionally, spending too much time on internet, children are being distracted by social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and snapchat which will not only make them couch potato but also influence them through vulgar and violent content. Consequently, their academic integrity and goals are being lowered, which results in lack of concentration in theoretical and practical work.

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Moving further, despite having numerous negative impacts of online study, positive impacts cannot be neglected. The first and foremost is that, as discussed in the video, online classes are flexible, reliable and convenient to use. To make it clearer, one can use e-link anywhere, at any time and on any device with the excess of internet which allows for customized learning experience. Due to some technical issues some students are not able to attend offline classes but e-learning is very beneficial for them as they can get more knowledge about a particular subject as online programs are more affordable and provides individual learning environment which further helps in improving self- regulation skills. For instance, during covid-19 educational institutes were shut down by government and in that time, online classes make learning very effective for students who were absent from there schools, whereas without any restriction their study runs very well. Next, Online study is also very beneficial for those students who are suffering from various health issues such as depression, mood disorders and anxiety as it helps to promote life-long learning. To add to it, many students move metropolitan cities to get coaching classes for tough aptitude examinations for higher administrative jobs.  Therefore, they pay huge amount of money on face and accommodation rents but online classes make it easy for the students to attend online coaching classes for arm long distance which saves their money and time.

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With the help of communication technologies and increased internet access, the education system is rapidly changing, and giving students hope for bettering their particular learning experiences. I’ve always believed that offline learning is superior because it allows for one-on-one interaction between a student and a teacher, but after attending online classes, I believe that online learning was a refreshing and novel experience, with self-paced online sessions and one-on-one doubt clearing sessions. It totally changed my perspective!

To recapitulate, although there are some negative outcomes of online studies such as a limited friendship zone, social media distraction, positive ones outweigh negatives as it is time saving, reliable and consistent way for students.

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  1. Hii Lovepreet
    Thankyou for sharing a great post. I totally agree with you online learning makes teacher and learning more effective. Students become more tech savvy when they use different technological gadgets

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