DEBATE #1- Technology in the classroom enhances learning

It was a great opening of “The Great Edtech Debate” by Megan, Brittney, Nicole, and Daryl with an interesting topic, “Technology in the classroom enhances learning”. Here are my views on debate-1.


Advent of innovative technology and internet has improved the learning style of students. Earlier traditional methods are used by the teachers within the class to educate the children but now transformations can be seen in this approach. Now in the classes teachers are using advance teaching techniques through technology while delivering the lectures. Teachers now follow TPACK or SAMR model in higher to teach students in class to introduce the students with technology.


As the name of model TPACK stands for Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge that is implemented by teachers to analyse by what means they can utilize their domain of knowledge along with technology in order to teach the students with the purpose to enhance their knowledge level. Technology has several positive impacts along with negative ones on the classroom environment. On its pros side, students can come to learn and understand the things easily and can retain it in their mind for longer as it is well known fact that a picture is worth a thousand words. For example, kids in the primary classes can easily learn the rhymes and understand the stories when they view it on the projector rather than read it through hands-on books. Students in colleges and higher classes can get the recorded lectures from the teachers that provide them help in further learning at their homes.  Technology has now replaced the traditional books with the e-books in order to reduce the loads of bags and it saves the costs of purchasing. Now students can buy and resell the e-books on the amazon kindle within seconds.



On the contrary side this technology has also some drawbacks on the classroom learning environment. The quote “excess of everything is bad’ is well explaining the use of technology in our day-to-day life. First and foremost, allowance of mobile phones, tabs and laptops to students at schools and colleges can create distraction in their education as children usually get addicted towards the social media platforms. They may share the nudity content through social platforms and create negative environment in the class. This also created cyber-bullying and violent environment in the class.


I believe that, use of technology in the classroom is undoubtedly improving in India, but we believe that it would take another two years for schools to fully adjust to tech-enabled teaching approaches, which may be the new enhanced style of teaching. I also feel that not all courses can be taught using technology, necessitating blended learning and the blending of both offline and online learning. Therefore, technology should be used with care under restrictions at school and colleges.

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Lovepreet kaur

2 thoughts on “DEBATE #1- Technology in the classroom enhances learning

  1. No doubt, technology has sometimes seen as a threat and it does have its limits integrating it into our teaching practice. Technology offers a new way for students to interact and engage with course material.

    Technology has helped during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many tools with the help of which students were able to complete their studies. Thanks to education technology tools, education is no longer confined to the walls of your classroom.

  2. The first infographic you included looks interesting. I wasn’t able to open up the link, so I couldn’t read what it had to say, but it does in fact look neat. Thanks for including your perspectives from Indian schools. It’s always interesting to hear what other countries, cities, or places, in general, are doing and what some of the pros and cons they are seeing as well.

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